A Simple Stress Relief (ESR) technique for the Holidays

Here’s a helpful Stress Relief (ESR) tool to have in your toolbox, especially during this holiday season.

Although holidays can be truly a lot of fun, they also can be a lot of extra work (stress). Such as planning and going to get-togethers, decorating, cleaning, shopping in extra crowded stores. Also winter chills begin and flu season starts.

A Simple Stress Relief (ESR) technique for the Holidays

When you have stress often your body stays revved up and on high alert. And if that keeps up, you can just imagine how that could suck your life-force.

How the body reacts to Stress

When we experience stress all sorts of chemical changes happen. The blood leaves the frontal lobes where reasoning takes place and retreats to the back of the brain to the pons.

When you’re under stress continuously, your adrenal glands keep pumping out cortisol. This is what we call adrenal fatigue. Chronically high levels can lead to serious problems.

Too much cortisol can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and sugar, decrease libido, produce acne, contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, mood swings which show as anxiety, depression, or irritability, and plus even more.

It’s no fun to be in this condition yourself or live with someone else who’s experiencing this either. If you’re wondering why you or someone else is so crabby, adrenal fatigue is probably the reason.

The good news is that a stress relief technique lies at your fingertips.

Touch for Health Stress Relief (ESR) Technique to the Rescue!

We can get out of “Reaction” and back to “Reasoning” by bringing the blood back to the front of the brain where reasoning takes place by using Touch for Health techniques. So simple, easy and available.

Here’s How To Do the simple ESR technique.

stress relief ESR pointsLightly place your fingers tips on your stress relief points. They’re straight above the pupil of your eye on the frontal eminence (forehead bumps).

It’s nice to use the finger tips because of how many nerve endings we have there. You can also just place your hand across your forehead. Now relax your shoulders, breathe long slow deep breaths and visualize your desired outcome.

Use your imagination to make it as out of the ordinary as you like. For example: If your stuck in traffic, late for an important meeting. See yourself flying in with beautiful glowing angel wings and everyone greets you with cheers.

male stress relief Stress Relief Forehead move

I use this a lot when I’m in front of my computer and it doesn’t obey! Anytime I feel anxious, or disturbed, I just place my hand across my forehead. It’s instinctive for us. Your body instinctively knows that’s the thing to do when we are feeling stressed. You might have already noticed that people do this already when they are feeling frustrated or upset.

I hope having this tool in your toolbox, helps you in this holiday season.

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