Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage


Massage  “The Way of the Swami”

Ready for some Swami style Hawaiian healing?

Enter into my office and experience the tranquility and delightful smells of essential oils. See candles on the altar by the beautiful amethyst crystals and hear gentle, calming music. Get on the massage table and settle into a special cushion, designed for maximum comfort and stress release. And Experience:

•Relief from those achy joints

•Greater range of motion

•Increased energy

•Fuller breath & deeper sleep

•More joy, confidence, clarity & courage

***Some say their lives have been transformed!

I do a combination of Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage & Energy Kinesiology (muscle testing) addressing your issues on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and even Chemical.

Your fingers seem to know right where to go!  The energy balancing experience is awesome.  It directs you to the source.   I feel centered and grounded.”  Ramona G.


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