Massage – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Touch For Health and CranioSacral Therapy


Massage – the way of the Swami

Are you ready for some Swami style Hawaiian healing?    The soothing touch of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with energy/meridian balancing (Touch for Health) and CraniolSacral Therapy.

Enter into my office and experience the delightful smells of aromatherapy essential oils. See candles on the altar by the beautiful amethyst crystals and hear gentle, calming music.  There is a feeling of tranquillity in the air.

  • Get relief from those achy joints
  • Breath easier and sleep more deeply
  • Discover what may be causing your health challenges
  • Get a crystal clear vision of what is possible for you to create in the quality of life
  • Overcome pain & upsetting emotions naturally.
  • Connect to your inner wisdom & experience a state of enhanced well-being
  • Achieve  peak performance
  • Experience more joy, confidence, clarity &  courage
  • Increased energy, have greater range of motion
  • Optimize learning,   e.g improved reading &  math
  • Discover which foods are working and which ones are hurting

The Hawaiians realized that maintaining balance in all of our relationships (land, water, air, spirit, and family) was the key to health.  They looked at things in terms of energy flow, following the premise that an idea or belief can block energy just as much as muscle tension can.  Pain in the body was not just a question of mechanics but also of spirit.  Lomilomi is a “praying work”.  Before beginning any session, the practitioner connects with Akua (God) to confirm that God’s love and power is with them and gives thanks for the guidance and balance to be received.

Using muscle testing (energy kinesiology) you can access the body’s innate wisdom.  Discover which muscles are working to their full capacity, and which one’s aren’t.  You’re muscles indicate the amount of energy flowing through your body.  We will address  your issue on all levels:  Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and even Chemical.


Get on the massage table and settle into a special cushion, designed for maximum comfort and stress release.

Relaxing deeper and deeper with every stroke.    Feeling better and better.  Taking time for yourself.  Renewed, refreshed, revitalized, and balanced in body, mind, and spirit.  With regular sessions the body is able to flush out its toxins.   Muscles become more pliable, less prone to injury.

People report that before the session, they could only get a shallow breath and after they are able to take a deep full breath.  They feel more able to deal with life’s many stresses.  Solutions to their problems are discovered and answers magically appear.  Some even say that their lives have been transformed.

Your fingers seem to know right where to go!  The energy balancing experience is awesome.  It directs you to the source.   I feel centered and grounded.”  Ramona G.


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